From the recording Songs From The Silo

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Music and Lyrics by Richie Cole


An Afternoon with Irwin
What a magical day
He talked about his mem’ries
They can’t take them away
Well, I heard about Lennie Bruce
When Hugh Hefner was there,
And the Vaudeville days, the movie ways
And how he styled his hair.

And thanks to Brenda Vaccaro
Irwin now is my friend
A mind as sharp as an arrow
Stories that never end.
He’s the world’s foremost authority
You can take it from me,
That Afternoon with Irwin, Professor Irwin Corey.

From Hollywood to Berwyn, Irwin has seen it all.
He’s gotten his just glory and we’ve all had a ball.
So as times changes throughout comedy,
Irwin still in the man.
He’s never, ever lesser,
He’s the Professor
That Afternoon with Irwin, Professor Irwin Corey!