From the recording Songs From The Silo

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Music and Lyrics by Ann Hampton Callaway
© 2021 Works of Heart Publishing (ASCAP)


Childhood memories
Live inside me
Childhood reveries
Born of the earth and sky
I am your song
And I will sing to you
For all of the years
I have learned from you today

Childhood memories
Blown in from the wind
Sweetened by North Dakota
Harvest wheat
Hearing echoes of when I was three
In the silo where my voice
Rose to the dome
To the sun
And maybe to God

Those who came before us on this land
Left their love in stones
They carved by hand
My dad taught me respect
For treasures we must protect
Walking in the golden fields
At sunset

The new moon gifted me galaxies
When I need to find a safe place to go
I go there
I can feel our ancestors holding me close
With weathered hands
And eyes that still sparkle with love
They’ll always be with me
Helping me to see
Miles and miles of sky
To dream me home, home, home